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Software solutions

Software solutions

Geo-data mining solution


Regulatory and land constraints, natural and environmental hazards, climate projections: GeoClick synthesizes the geographic information you need around your addresses.

GeoClick's strengths

✔️Datasets covering the whole national territory

✔️A multi-thematic synthesis of constraints (urban planning, environment, risks, etc.) in one click

✔️Productivity gains in geographic data mining and analysis

Turnkey solution

Access to our platform

Compose your platform with your modules of interest: urban planning, building-energy, environment, risks, climate, water resources management, etc. and synthesize these data directly.

Distribution by API

Access to our API

You already have a data management solution, a CRM, or a visualization tool? We can distribute all our data via an API to enrich your solution.


Examples and use cases


Conducting an architectural feasibility study

GeoClick allows you to synthesize all the elements required for a feasibility study:

✅ Identification of zones and planning regulations,

✅ Identification of heritage constraints and environmental regulatory areas: surroundings of listed monuments, national parks, Natura 2000 areas...

✅ Extraction of building and cadastral geometry and export to CAD software in DXF.

Environmental Consultants

Determination of hydrological balances and drought levels

The HydroClick module allows you to synthesize a range of information related to water resources management:

✅ Groundwater recharge mapping,

✅ Time series associated with groundwater level and quality, and streamflow,

✅Visualization of the characteristic indicators used by the administration within the framework of the natural disaster drought regime (SWI - Soil Wetness Index)


Soil characterization for agriculture and the circular economy

With a spatial resolution of the order of a hundred meters, the RecyClick module allows you to:

✅ Map the water holding capacity of soils,

✅ Identify soils with potential textural and nutrient deficiencies,

✅ Identify local opportunities for reclamation of excavated soil or dredged sediment.



Elected officials & communities

Clay shrinkage and swelling - Disaster recognition

We analyze public data and satellite images and tell you if your municipality is eligible for the natural disaster regime:

✅ Consideration of geotechnical and meteorological criteria (according to Ministry of Interior circular)

✅ Mapping of eligible municipalities by time period,

✅ Quantified analysis of the intensity of drought events.





Dev - Software

Ageoce Solutions supports you in your digitalization projects and in the valorization of your data thanks to its expertise in software development and data science.


Ageoce Solutions relies on its expertise, on new digital technologies and on open-data to support you in your geoscientific issues and the development of your geographic data.

Data Engineering - Data Science

Modeling, valuation and visualization of data. Dataiku expertise. Development of machine learning models, python development.

Software - API & ClouD

Development and deployment of APIs and web applications in cloud environments. Expertise in Google Cloud Platform, serverless architecture, etc.

Geo Intelligence - Earth Engine

Production of high value-added geographic models and datasets in the fields of risk management, energy planning and water management. Expertise on Google Earth Engine technology for satellite image analysis.

Geosciences - Hydrogeology

Consulting and expertise in the field of geosciences and quantitative hydrogeology - Quantitative analysis of hydrogeological contexts. Deterministic modeling of flow, heat and mass transport in aquifers. Expertise on the impacts of construction and human activities on groundwater.

Workshops - training

Development of workshops and trainings in the field of data science, remote sensing analysis with Google Earth Engine, and numerical modeling applied to hydrogeology, and also in the field of AI acculturation.


Open Source

Ageoce Solutions supports several open-source projects. Several technical articles as well as other educational resources related to its fields of intervention - geosciences, datascience, Google Earth Engine - are made available for free.


Our team

Our team

Guillaume Attard
CEO & Co-founder

Guillaume is an engineer and a doctor in geosciences fascinated by new technologies. His past activities consisted in innovating to solve operational problems related to the control of natural and environmental risks and the management of water resources.

Julien Bardonnet
CTO & Co-founder

Julien is a graduate engineer from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and the ENS. During his work for international groups, Julien has developed an expertise in software engineering and AI as well as cloud expertise. He is now in charge of Ageoce Solutions' digital strategy.

Antoine Labonne
Software engineer - Data Scientist

Passionate about new technologies and botany, Antoine is in charge of developing new functional modules for GeoClick.

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